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Ex Machina and consciousness

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The recent science fiction film, Ex Machina, about the invention of a conscious android takes us straight to the heart of the nature of consciousness. The android, named Ava, has a clear choice, preference and desire to be free from the underground chamber in which she is confined, and also to be free from the direction of her inventor. The inventor, Nathan, asks the other main character, Caleb, to go beyond the Turing test. This is good advice as the Turing test was an annoying distraction Read more […]

Integrated information theory

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Integrated information theory Summary and review of the above paper INTRODUCTION: Tononi has produced half a theory of consciousness. He identifies how recent neuroscience has shown that consciousness is related to parts of the brain on which information convergences. He also grasps that consciousness has to be a fundamental aspect of reality. However, he seems to cling to the idea that it can somehow arise from individual bits of Read more […]

Tononi on integration and consciousness

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Integration and consciousness Giulio Tononi at the University of Wisconsin-Madison suggests that consciousness in the brain relates to the amount of integration required of particular brain regions or neurons. Thus there is much more integration in the cortex than the cerebellum, with the latter not being implicated in any conscious processing . Tononi has calculated an information integration quantity labelled as ‘phi’, which is seen as the threshold for consciousness. This idea appears compatible Read more […]