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Opioid receptors

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A sub-population of the striatal direct-pathway neurons, known for being connected to voluntary movement, can be the basis of opiate-reward driven activities. The brain’s opioid system is basic to the reward value of stimuli and consequent behaviours. Opioid receptors bind to the brain’s opioid peptides such as enkephalin, β-endorphin, or dynorphin. μ-opioid receptors act to suppress the neuronal activity of neurons that otherwise…

Altered states

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Towards a sublime state of consciousness  ::  Raymond McBride  ::  Journal of Consciousness Studies, No. 11-12, 2014, pp. 19-40  :: Summary and review of the above paper Focused attention and mental absorption, to the exclusion of other sensory inputs, are seen as catalysing altered states of consciousness. The author discusses meditation; some research on meditation suggests that blood flow to brain regions involved in directing attention decreases during Read more […]