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The Conscious Brain

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Author: Jesse J. Prinz, Published by Oxford University Press (2012) Summary and review of the above book INTRODUCTION: Prinz argues that a theory of consciousness requires a process, and also a location in the brain for that process to take effect. The direction of attention is seen as necessary and sufficient for consciousness to arise. The location is argued to be the secondary or intermediate cortex. Consciousness generated in this area is then used by the working memory for deliberative processing; Read more […]

Neuroscience of Attention

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Ed. George R. Mangun. Oxford University Press (2012) Summary and review of the above book INTRODUCTION:  Voluntary attention is shown to be involved with slower and more deliberative processing, as opposed to the quick reaction of involuntary attention. Voluntary attention involves the frontal brain regions dealing with both emotional/evaluative and planning/working memory processing; these are some of the areas most closely correlated to conscious experience. They are thought to influence Read more […]

Thalamic control of visual attention

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Sabine Kastner, Yuri B. Saalman, & Keith A. Schneider,  Princeton Neuroscience Institute and University of Missouri-Columbia In:- The Neuroscience of Attention  Ed. George R. Mangun Oxford University Press (2012) Summary and review of the above chapter Thalamocortical interaction is argued here to be central to understanding perception and cognition. The chapter focuses on the visual areas of the thalamus, and the ability of attention to select behaviourally relevant visual information Read more […]