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The Conscious Brain

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Author: Jesse J. Prinz, Published by Oxford University Press (2012) Summary and review of the above book INTRODUCTION: Prinz argues that a theory of consciousness requires a process, and also a location in the brain for that process to take effect. The direction of attention is seen as necessary and sufficient for consciousness to arise. The location is argued to be the secondary or intermediate cortex. Consciousness generated in this area is then used by the working memory for deliberative processing; Read more […]

Control of spatial attention

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Midbrain and forebrain systems for bottom-up control of spatial attention Eric Knudsen, Stanford University In:- The Neuroscience of Attention – Ed. George R. Mangun Oxford University Press (2012) Summary and review of the above chapter Spatial attention allows organisms to concentrate information processing on a limited spatial region. This concentration or control can be top-down or bottom-up. Top-down control is related to working memory and frontoparietal areas tuning sensory neurons Read more […]