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Quantum biology

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LIFE on the EDGE Jim Al-Khalili & Johnjoe McFadden, Surrey University (2014) Summary and review of the above book INTRODUCTION: This book is important in trying to bring a serious discussion of quantum biology to a lay audience. The continuing need to bring quantum biology into the mainstream is indicated by the sceptical tone of some of the book’s reviewers and the still sparse start-class article provided on Wikipedia. The main drive of the book is to indicate that quantum coherence Read more […]

Vibrations in the cytoskeleton

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Conditions for coherent vibrations in the cytoskeleton J. Prokorny, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics (1999) Prokorny suggests that the polarity of vibrational structures in organic matter can lead to coherent states and energy condensation. Microtubules are suggested to satisfy this requirement. Pokorny says that mechanisms governing the high degree of organisation in living organisms Read more […]


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Nanoneuroscience Nancy Woolf, Avner Priel & Jack Tuszynski, UCLA and University of Alberta Springer This book examines the connections between the cytoskeleton and the neural membrane and synapses, and the possible role of the cytoskeleton in neural processing, and learning and memory. The main import of the book is to argue that the cytoskeleton has a central role in neural processes that is more orthodoxly ascribed just to the cell membrane and synapses. The controversial question Read more […]