Remembering Simon Raggett

Simon Raggett, who created and managed the Quantum-Mind, died unexpectedly on Sunday November 8 while walking across Hampstead Heath in London. We are all shocked and saddened to lose him. He was a soft-spoken man, hard working and amiable.

Simon RaggettSimon was very passionate in exploring theories of consciousness, and dedicated his time to researching and writing about quantum theories of consciousness and related subjects.

Simon wrote both popular scientific books on the nature of Consciousness as well as science fictions books, but was very modest and published some of his science fiction books under the name of Jack Junius.

He was a member of the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN- an educational charity) for about 15 years, and in the last year joined the Board as the Treasurer of the SMN.
https://www.scimednet.org/content/mission-aims-and-values. He frequently attended and enjoyed the SMN London Group meeting and discussions.

Simon’s explorations and web site are excellent examples of the SMN mission, pursuing truth to widen the horizons of science and human knowledge by being open minded, rigorous, caring about others and listening to their opinions and experience without prejudice.

He made two of his books and all his articles freely available to read and download from the www.quantum-mind.co.uk website. He often brought his books to conferences and gave them away as a donation to the SMN.

About himself, he said, “My background is non-scientific with history at university and working in the City for nearly 40 years. However, I have been interested in
consciousness studies for the last 20 plus years and in more recent years
with a particular emphasis on modern scanning-based developments in
neuroscience. These studies have been the basis for my website and also a
book ‘Consciousness, Biology and Fundamental Physics’ available on the site.”

As a modest person Simon did not mention that he studied in The University of Cambridge, Churchill College (“one of the most forward-thinking academic institutions in the world” according to their website).

In his science fiction we encounter Simon’s creative imagination. In Persephone Wakes he explored the nature of consciousness and free will through the eyes of a conscious android. We follow Persephone while she discovers her feeling nature, how she finds freedom from her creators. The characters he created are rich and credible. The Secret History of England explores altered states of consciousness and near death experiences, a subject also of his non-fiction book, Consciousness, Biology and Fundamental Physics. He was working on several writing projects at the time of his death.

We will all miss Simon. We send him all our love, and to Inger, his wife, Simon’s colleagues and friends, from the Scientific and Medical Network.

We will continue to maintain and develop this website as a living memory for Simon.

Simon Raggett

Simon Raggett RIP

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