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Orch OR objections

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Achilles’ heels of the Orch OR model NeuroQuantology, March 2007, Vol 5, Issue 1, pp. 182-5 Summary and review of the above paperin fact Every new entrant to consciousness studies has to prove their worth by refuting Penrose, although this is often at the expense of reducing their own credibility. The core argument in this paper is that when a subjective experience involves a perception that is untrue, such that something belongs to you when it belongs to someone Read more […]

Donald Hoffman’s Consciousness Theory

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In this conference Donald Hoffman discussed why qualia are more relevant than Dennett had tried to argue in the 1990s. Another highlight was the exchange between Hameroff and Tegmark, where Tegmark took a surprisingly casual view of his much vaunted 2000 Paper.