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Quantum Spacetime and Consciousness

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Author: Philip J Carter, Invited article for the Journal of Neuroquantology Submission history [v1] 2013-12-26 14:51:58 [v2] 2014-01-16 12:49:26 A higher-dimensional spacetime model is proposed, accounting for nonlocal quantum phenomena while embracing Special Relativity as a limiting case. The Aspect and Megidish experiments are explained within this spacetime framework. Time is understood as spatial motion relative to higher dimensions, offering the degrees of freedom demanded by nonlocal Read more […]

Thoughts on relativity

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Thoughts on relativity Based mainly on David Bohm and Roger Penrose While quantum theory has been censored out of much of popular thought and education, relativity has suffered the opposite fate of being popularised in a ‘wow! You wouldn’t guess that style’, with an arguable lack of balance as to what is most important in the theory. Mass-energy equivalence: It could be argued that mass-energy equivalence is of greater significance than more crowd-stopping ideas such as different time orderings. Read more […]