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Our Mathematical Universe

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Our Mathematical Universe Max Tegmark (2014) Summary and review of the above book The first part of this book is a readable guide to understanding physics and cosmology. Where it goes wrong is that the author gets out of his depth in trying to extend to non-consensual areas such as time, reality and consciousness. The discussion here starts well in identifying that the brain constructs a model of reality, which is consciousness, helped by the integrative brain hub scheme developed by neuroscientists Read more […]

Relational and propositional quantum consciousness

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Knowing, Doing and Being Chris Clarke Imprint Academic (2013) Summary and review of this book INTRODUCTION:  Clarke views decisions as arising from ‘a strand of feeling’, also called a relational system. The other kind of consciousness is suggested to be the  verbal or propositional system. Consciousness understands existence through the relational system; detailed structures are understood through the propositional. Clarke argues for a clear division between the classical and the Read more […]

Quantum consciousness

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Quantum consciousness: Reply to Spier & Thomas Stuart Hameroff Trends in Cognitive Science In this paper, Hameroff replies to criticisms of the Orch OR model by Spier and Thomas. Hameroff justifies the unusual nature of the proposals in the Orch OR model, and its integration of ideas from neuroscience, computing and physics, by the fact new concepts are required to solve ‘the hard problem’ of consciousness. The theory is argued to Read more […]