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Beauty and orbitofrontal

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Sex, beauty and the orbitofrontal Alumit Ishai, University of Zurich International Journal of Psychology, 63, (2007) pp. 181-185 Attention, memory and the emotional system are all modulated by perceiving faces. This activation is distributed across the visual, limbic and prefrontal areas. The extrastriate cortex is involved in identification of individuals; the superior temporal sulcus processes gaze direction and speech-related movements; facial expressions are processed in the insula and Read more […]

Neurobiology of preferences

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The Neurobiology of Preferences Mkael Symmonds & Raymond Dolan, University College London In:- Neuroscience of Preference and Choice – Eds. – Raymond Dolan & Tali Sharot Keywords:  neuroscience of preference/choice, consciousness, orbitofrontal, dopamine P. As far back as the 1960s neuroscience had demonstrated a clear correlation between laboratory rats pressing a lever apparently for pleasure and the electrical stimulation of subcortical dopamine structures. The dopamine system Read more […]