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Brain areas involved with consciousness

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Even at the very early stage of the retina, an important division arises between two parallel visual streams, the dorsal stream and the ventral stream. The dorsal stream projects to the parietal cortex, and is responsible for movements in relation to objects, many of them of a routine or reflex nature. It is also seen as an answer to the ‘where is it?’ location question. The processing of the dorsal is unconscious, and is faster than the consciousness-related processing of the ventral stream.

Art, language and cognition

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Art, Language and Complex Cognition Helen Anderson, University of Witwatersrand Journal of Consciousness Studies, 20, No. 3-4, pp. 6-32 This study can be taken as yet another argument against the twentieth century orthodoxy that language was the sole basis of consciousness, and that it ran on the equivalent of a classical computer, best left undisturbed by other inputs such as emotions. Instead the research discussed here suggests a complex interrelation between vision, emotion and language. An Read more […]