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Free choice

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Decoding intention at sensorimotor timescales Matthew Salvaris & Patrick Haggard  ::  PLOS one, February 11 2014, DOI: 10.137/journal.pone.0085100  :: Summary and review of the above paper This paper examines the difference between the neural processing of small motor actions such as pressing a button, when the action follows on an external instruction, and alternatively when it is seen as the free choice of the subject. This follows the Libet tradition of Read more […]

Libet experiment and free will

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The Focus magazine’s reply to this question leaves considerable gaps in terms of the present century’s neuroscience. Benjamin Libet’s experiment from the 1980s is once again confidently quoted as a refutation of the concept of freewill. This veteran experiment showed that brain activity could be detected before the conscious awareness of the intention to perform an action, and has ever after been trundled out as a refutation of freewill.