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Free choice

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Decoding intention at sensorimotor timescales Matthew Salvaris & Patrick Haggard  ::  PLOS one, February 11 2014, DOI: 10.137/journal.pone.0085100  :: Summary and review of the above paper This paper examines the difference between the neural processing of small motor actions such as pressing a button, when the action follows on an external instruction, and alternatively when it is seen as the free choice of the subject. This follows the Libet tradition of Read more […]

Free choice and the human brain

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Richard Passingham & Hakwan Lau Dept. of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University Dept. of Psychology, Columbia University In: Does Consciousness Cause Behaviour  –  Eds., Susan Pockett, William Banks & Shaun Gallagher  –  MIT Press, (2006)   –  ISBN:  978-0-262-16237-1 The authors draw a distinction between actions that are the result of changes within the subject and actions that are prompted from outside or are specified by external cues. They have studied the brain Read more […]