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Quantum Spacetime and Consciousness

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Author: Philip J Carter, Invited article for the Journal of Neuroquantology Submission history [v1] 2013-12-26 14:51:58 [v2] 2014-01-16 12:49:26 A higher-dimensional spacetime model is proposed, accounting for nonlocal quantum phenomena while embracing Special Relativity as a limiting case. The Aspect and Megidish experiments are explained within this spacetime framework. Time is understood as spatial motion relative to higher dimensions, offering the degrees of freedom demanded by nonlocal Read more […]

Temporally separated entanglement

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Entanglement between photons that have never coexisted Megidish, E. H. S. Eisenberg et al, University of Jerusalem arXiv:1209.4191v1 [quant ph] 19 Sep 2012 This study demonstrates that entanglement is not only between spatially separated quanta, but also between temporally separated quanta, or in other words it is extended across spacetime. This study utilises an experimental procedure from the 1990s known as entanglement swapping. The experiment involves two entangled pairs of photons, Read more […]

Quantum information systems

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Rules for a complex quantum world Michael Nielsen University of Queensland Scientific American – November 2002 Nielsen’s article discusses the development of quantum information systems. He begins by pointing out that information has a physical basis, which applies to both classical and quantum types of information. With classical information the basic unit is the ‘bit’, which is either ‘0’ or ‘1’. With quantum information the basic unit is a ‘qubit’. The special Read more […]