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Mechanical brain concept

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Mechanical brain concept Anil Ananthaswamy based on William Tyler New Scientist, 31 August 2013 Tyler’s position is that brain processing is mechanically sensitive. He argues that in addition to the well known electrical and biochemical signalling between neurons, the neurons may also be part of a mechanical network. He thinks that such a network might be involved in memory storage and responses to new circumstances. Some Read more […]

Dendritic spines

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Dendritic Spines Rafael Yuste MIT Press (2010) This review refers mainly to chapter 4 of this book, which deals with the internal make up of the dendritic spines, an aspect which bears on controversies relating to Hameroff’s attempt to describe an implementation of quantum consciousness. Dendritic spines are recipients of synaptic inputs, and almost every spine has an excitatory input, while some have both excitatory and inhibitory inputs. Spiny dendrites appear to have developed to integrate Read more […]