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Brain’s Resting State

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The brain’s resting state activity accounts for about 80% of its energy consumption. Anaesthesia, in which consciousness is removed, involves a 40-50% reduction in energy consumption, implying that part of the resting state’s high level of energy consumption is used to sustain consciousness. The resting state also overlaps with the reward system which is based on midline structures, as distinct from lateral regions that are more involved in planning and reasoning.

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The role of spontaneous thought in human cognition Kalina Christoff, Alan Gordon & Rachelle Smith, University of British Columbia In:- Neuroscience of Decision Making  –  Eds:  Oshin Vartanian and David Mandel This chapter examines the role of spontaneous thoughts not directed by consciousness on the process of cognition and decision making. The dorsolateral and rostrolateral prefrontal are viewed as the brain regions most involved Read more […]