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Penrose revisited

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One thing that is interesting here is the is the durability of Penrose’s ideas. These were often decried by famous-for-a-day scoffers in the 1990s, but are now still referred to, or revived, when some of the original scoffers may be long forgotten. Here a popular science magazine reviews experiments relative to Penrose’s idea for quantum gravity. ‘The Secret Life of Reality’ by Michael Brooks, based on Roger Penrose, Cisco Gooding, Bill Unruh, Dirk Bouwmeester and other physicists as published in the New Scientist, January 3 2015.

Kauffman on recoherence

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In this interview with Ryan Cochrane, Kauffman outlines the mind-body problem in classical (i.e. non-quantum) physics. If the brain is a classical physical system, the current state of the brain, plus classically described inputs from the external environment, is entirely sufficient to causally determine the next state of the brain and the next state after that and so on.