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Anaesthetics & consciousness 2

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Halothane binding proteome in human brain cortex  ::  Roderic Eckenhoff, Maryellen Eckenhoff et al, University of Pennsylvania  ::  Journal of Proteome Research, 2007, 6, pp. 582-592  :: Summary and review of the above paper This later study demonstrated that anaesthetics could interact with many human brain proteins; previous studies has been confined to rodent brains. Recent research has expanded rather than contracted the potential targets Read more […]

Anaesthetics and mitochondria

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Inhalational anaesthetic-binding proteins in neuronal membrane Jin Xi, Maryellen Eckenhoff, Roderic Eckenhoff et al, University of Pennsylvania & Amersham Biosciences  ::  The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 279, No. 19, May 7 2004, pp. 19628-19633  :: Summary and review of the above paper In this study 34 binding sites were identified for the anaesthetic halothane. Within this group, mitochondrial proteins especially those Read more […]

Anaesthetics and consciousness

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Anaesthetics act in quantum channels in brain microtubules to prevent consciousness Travis Craddock, Stuart Hammerof, Jack Tuszynski et al, Nova Southeastern University, University of Alberta  :: Summary and review of the above paper INTRODUCTION:  Recent research into the binding of anaesthetic molecules looks to revive the idea of hydrophobic pockets in the microtubules of neurons as the most suitable binding site for anaesthetic molecules. This could Read more […]