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Frontal Eye Field and Direction of Attention

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  A Stage Theory of Attention and Action Jeffrey D. Schall & Geoffrey F. Woodman, Vanderbilt Vision Research Centre The Neuroscience of Attention – Ed. George R. Mangun, Oxford University Press (2012) Summary & Review of this Chapter INTRODUCTION: The frontal eye field (FEF) receives converging inputs from many cortical areas, and may use visual representations in working memory to select targets for spatial attention. The decision to shift the gaze is seen as being dependent Read more […]

Frontal eye field as controller of voluntary attention

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Attention and Action in the Frontal Eye Field by Katherine M. Armstrong, Robert J. Schafer, Mindy H. Chang & Tirin Moore:  Stanford University, School of Medicine Published in The Neuroscience of Attention Ed. by George Mangun, Oxford University Press (2012) Summary and review of the above chapter INTRODUCTION:  The operation of the frontal eye field, as distinct from other brain regions, is suggested to be independent of current sensory inputs, thus functioning in purely top-down Read more […]

Relational and propositional quantum consciousness

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Knowing, Doing and Being Chris Clarke Imprint Academic (2013) Summary and review of this book INTRODUCTION:  Clarke views decisions as arising from ‘a strand of feeling’, also called a relational system. The other kind of consciousness is suggested to be the  verbal or propositional system. Consciousness understands existence through the relational system; detailed structures are understood through the propositional. Clarke argues for a clear division between the classical and the Read more […]