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The Rich Club

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Rich Club organisation of the human connectome Martijn van den Heuvel and Olaf Sporns, University of Utrecht and Indiana University The Journal of Neuroscience, Nov 2 2011, 31(44) pp. 15775-15786 Summary of the above article Recent studies have indicated the existence of twelve highly connected hubs, referred to as the rich club, in both the cortex and subcortical regions that have a role in integrating information between different parts of the brain’s processing. These compromise Read more […]

Neuron Coding

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Neuroculture: On the implications of brain science for understanding Edmund T. Rolls, Oxford Centre for Computational Neuroscience Oxford University Press (2012) pp. 1-27, single neurons and neuron populations Summary and review of the above secttion Keywords: CA3, single neurons, neuron populations, neuron selectiveness Rolls starts his book by arguing that there are too few genes to specify the total connectivity of the brain. Genes can only specify general rules such as the Read more […]